About the Church

Through praise, worship and the study of the Word of God, we seek to deepen our relationship with the Father.

We are a vibrant, growing congregation which welcomes all those who wish to join with us to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ in a contemporary refreshing style.

We believe that as the Holy Spirit works in us and through us, we will become more like our Saviour and demonstrate His love more easily to the community around us.

Our activities reflect the diverse needs of individuals, their families and friends as we strive to be relevant to the society in which we live.

Mission Statement

We believe that we have a responsibility to others. In order to promote this responsibility we have a mission statement to which we are committed.

It is our purpose to “…reveal Jesus the Saviour and to bring people into relationship with Him, to relate to one another as members of His family, ripening them to Christ like maturity, releasing each person into their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world in order to magnify God’s name.”